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Vogue | Up FrontJan. 2020 by Vanessa Barbara IT WAS A MONDAY AFTERNOON when day turned into night in the city of São Paulo. I was visiting an expensive nursery school for my 13-month-old daughter, trying to look remotely worthy of such a sophisticated institution. Although it was not supposed to rain that day, the […]

The rest of Latin America is on fire. Why is its largest country still so quiet? The New York TimesDec. 26, 2019 by Vanessa BarbaraContributing Opinion Op-ed Writer SÃO PAULO, Brazil — This year has been marked by widespread social convulsion in Latin America. Since mid-October, Chileans have been in the streets; what started as […]

A global treasure lies at the mercy of the smallest, dullest, pettiest of men. The New York TimesAug. 24, 2019 By Vanessa BarbaraContributing Opinion Op-ed Writer SÃO PAULO, Brazil — When I first set foot in the Amazon rain forest, in the Anavilhanas Archipelago, northwest of the city of Manaus, I experienced something that can only […]

El operativo anticorrupción de Brasil está lejos de ser un modelo ejemplar.  The New York Times / Clarín12.07.2019 Por VANESSA BARBARA SAN PABLO, Brasil – En apariencia, la “operación Lava Jato” fue una cruzada virtuosa contra la corrupción política en Brasil. Durante los últimos cinco años, esta investigación federal expuso inmensos esquemas de sobornos que involucran a […]

Brazil’s Operation Car Wash was supposed to overthrow the country’s culture of graft. Instead, it’s brought corruption into the heart of the state. The New York TimesJul. 5, 2019 by Vanessa BarbaraContributing Opinion Op-ed Writer SÃO PAULO, Brazil — On the surface, “Operation Car Wash” has been a virtuous crusade against political corruption in this […]

Brazil’s education system is being strangled by a president who doesn’t believe in learning The New York TimesJun. 12, 2019 by Vanessa BarbaraContributing Opinion Op-ed Writer SÃO PAULO, Brazil — According to President Jair Bolsonaro, Brazilian education leaves a lot to be desired. “Everything is going increasingly downhill,” he said last month, to journalists during […]

The New York Times12 de junho de 2019 por Vanessa BarbaraTradução: Uol Notícias / Luiz Roberto Mendes Gonçalves Segundo o presidente Jair Bolsonaro, a educação brasileira está deixando muito a desejar. “É cada vez mais ladeira abaixo “, disse ele no mês passado a jornalistas durante uma viagem a Dallas, no Texas (EUA). “Então o que […]

The New York Times15 de junio de 2019 by Vanessa BarbaraContributing Op-ed Writer Read in English SÃO PAULO, Brasil — De acuerdo con el presidente Jair Bolsonaro, la educación brasileña deja mucho que desear. “Todo va cada vez más cuesta abajo”, dijo el mes pasado a periodistas durante un viaje a Dallas. “Queremos salvar la educación”. […]

Just how deep do the connections between Brazil’s paramilitary “death squads” and the government run?

The New York Times16 de janeiro de 2019 por Vanessa BarbaraTradução: Uol Notícias Quão profundas são exatamente as ligações entre as milícias e o governo no Brasil? Pouco mais de um ano atrás, uma representante da Câmara municipal do Rio de Janeiro foi assassinada com quatro tiros na cabeça e na nuca. Marielle Franco estava indo […]