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Brazilian presidential politics have spiraled into chaos. What’s a voter to do? The New York Times Oct 2., 2018 by Vanessa Barbara Contributing Opinion Op-ed Writer Leer en español SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Last month, just a few weeks before voting day, Cabo Daciolo announced a new strategy for the presidential elections here: He would spend 21 days […]

The International New York Times Oct 31, 2014 by Vanessa Barbara Contributing Op-Ed Writer São Paulo, Brazil — It was a typical election in Brazil. Jesus and Osama bin Laden were running for Congress, as well as Barack Obama, Bob Marley, Santa Claus and Battman (with two Ts). The self-styled “Hamburger Face” unfortunately wasn’t elected, […]

Grandma and Me vs. The Congressman

Posted: 2nd outubro 2014 by Vanessa Barbara in New York Times, Reportagens

The International New York Times October 3, 2014 by Vanessa Barbara Contributing Op-Ed Writer SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Twelve years ago, I helped oust a congressman. At least temporarily. The story began on Sept. 7, 2002, Brazil’s Independence Day. On that holiday, my 68-year-old grandmother told me about her new computer training lessons. They were […]