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ImprimirWhat it’s like living with a chronic circadian rhythm problem The New York TimesOct. 28, 2019 by Vanessa BarbaraContributing Opinion Op-ed Writer SÃO PAULO, Brazil — It’s hard to feel normal when you wake up at 4 p.m. every day. No, I’m not a nurse who works the evening shift. No, I’m not the hard-partying […]

ImprimirA global treasure lies at the mercy of the smallest, dullest, pettiest of men. The New York TimesAug. 24, 2019 By Vanessa BarbaraContributing Opinion Op-ed Writer SÃO PAULO, Brazil — When I first set foot in the Amazon rain forest, in the Anavilhanas Archipelago, northwest of the city of Manaus, I experienced something that can only […]

ImprimirBrazil’s Operation Car Wash was supposed to overthrow the country’s culture of graft. Instead, it’s brought corruption into the heart of the state. The New York TimesJul. 5, 2019 by Vanessa BarbaraContributing Opinion Op-ed Writer SÃO PAULO, Brazil — On the surface, “Operation Car Wash” has been a virtuous crusade against political corruption in this […]

ImprimirBrazil’s education system is being strangled by a president who doesn’t believe in learning The New York TimesJun. 12, 2019 by Vanessa BarbaraContributing Opinion Op-ed Writer SÃO PAULO, Brazil — According to President Jair Bolsonaro, Brazilian education leaves a lot to be desired. “Everything is going increasingly downhill,” he said last month, to journalists during […]

Just how deep do the connections between Brazil’s paramilitary “death squads” and the government run?

How the region became home to an epidemic of obstetric violence.

ImprimirThe New York TimesJan. 16, 2019 by Vanessa Barbara SÃO PAULO, Brazil — “It’s a new era in Brazil: Boys wear blue and girls wear pink,” our new minister of women, family and human rights, Damares Alves, said this month in a video. And she didn’t stop there: Under the new government of President Jair […]

Our public health system is a jewel. Can it survive four years of recklessness?

ImprimirSome Brazilian conservatives see the presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro as representative of everything they value. They should look closer. The New York Times Oct 24, 2018 by Vanessa Barbara Contributing Opinion Op-ed Writer SÃO PAULO, Brazil — For a liberal woman like me, it’s hard to understand why anyone would vote for a presidential candidate […]

Imprimir Le1 (France) 3 Octobre 2018 Vanessa Barbara J’AI UN NEVEU DE 8 ANS qui s’appelle Augusto. Comme tous les neveux de 8 ans, un de ses principaux passe-temps est de casser des choses : des roues de petites voitures, des lampes torches, un arbre de Noël, un bras de superhéros qu’il a jeté du […]