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Women in Chile, Brazil, Argentina and elsewhere know: Stopping violence against women starts with politics and power. The New York TimesJan. 29, 2020 by Vanessa BarbaraContributing Opinion Op-ed Writer SÃO PAULO, Brazil — During the jury selection process for Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial this month, dozens of women gathered outside a Manhattan courthouse to perform […]

How the region became home to an epidemic of obstetric violence.

The New York TimesJan. 16, 2019 by Vanessa Barbara SÃO PAULO, Brazil — “It’s a new era in Brazil: Boys wear blue and girls wear pink,” our new minister of women, family and human rights, Damares Alves, said this month in a video. And she didn’t stop there: Under the new government of President Jair […]

  The New York Times (Sunday Review) November 12, 2017 Leer en español by Vanessa Barbara  SÃO PAULO, Brazil — When I was 7, I joined the Brazilian Girl Guides. One of the basic laws of the guides was that a girl should be “courteous and delicate.” (These days they only emphasize the “courteous” part.) I remember […]

Life as a Brazilian woman

Posted: 25th abril 2014 by Vanessa Barbara in New York Times, Reportagens
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The International New York Times April 24th, 2014 by Vanessa Barbara Contributing Op-Ed Writer SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Can a misogynistic country have a female president? Brazil proves that the answer is yes. More than three years into the administration of President Dilma Rousseff, not much has changed for Brazilian women. Feminism is still often […]